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Project Description
Dropout is a portable application that makes it easy to search your USB, Dropbox or any other directory. Written in C# it uses the Lucene full text search library and IFilter's to search the content of your files. Simply place the executable in the directory you want to search and it does the rest.

Have you ever want to find files on your USB or in your Dropbox and Windows Search just doesn't find? Windows Search only searches file types it know about so that can rule out lots of different files. Dropout using the follow steps to index your files:
  1. Uses IFilters ( to index files windows know about
  2. If you don't have a IFilter for PDF's it uses iTextSharp to extract the text (
  3. Looks at the start of the file to see if it text or binary. If it is text it indexes the content.

Features (latest underlined)
  • Super fast searching <1sec
  • Totally portable
  • Search multiple directories
  • Exclude files
  • Incremental indexing of files
  • Background indexing allows you to search during indexing
  • Indexing ALL text files
  • Search history via auto complete
  • Sorting of result list
  • Only .NET 2.0 required
  • Single exe created using IL-Merge
  • Configurable via ini file (not required)
  • Open the file from the interface
  • Open the containing directory from the interface


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