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There isn't much to it, just download the latest Dropout.exe and put it in the root of your Dropbox or USB stick, it does the rest. It isn't limited to just Dropbox and USB sticks, you can save it anywhere, i.e. My Documents, external hard drive, etc..

For more advanced options create a Dropout.ini in the same directory as Dropout.exe and override the default settings: Configuration

Relative Directories
You can provide relative directories so they will always be available even when your Dropbox or USB changes drives or locations on different computers, paths are relative to the Dropbox.exe:
  • Documents - Documents directory in the Dropout.exe directory
  • Pictures - Pictures directory in the Dropout.exe directory
  • ..\Documents - 1 directory up from Dropout.exe directory
  • ..\..\Documents - 2 directories up from the Dropout.exe

Multiple Directories
You can search multiple directories by separating paths with semicolons in the Search Directory setting: Documents;Pictures;Videos (3 folders in the same directory as Dropout.exe)

By default Dropout searches the content of files and the name of the file. You can search use the full query syntax ( to do advanced searches (note the case on the key words - NOT, AND, TO, etc):
  • Tests NOT NUnit - Finds all instances of the work Tests but NOT with NUnit
  • Scripts AND Tests - Requires the words Scripts AND Tests
  • Dev* - Words starting with dev, i.e. Development, Develop, Devious, etc
  • type:doc AND Tests: Searches for the word Tests only in *.doc files
  • modified:201109* - All files created from September 2011
  • modified:[201105 TO 201106]: Files modified between May and June 2011

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I think that is the correct link? However with the next release it won't work either. Need to archive a copy to the docs here

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