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By default Dropout searches all files in the current directory of the exe, that includes all sub directories. The index is stored in a hidden directory call SearchIndex in the same directory as the exe, this allows your Dropbox to sync the index to each of your computers.

To customise the settings create a int file called Dropout.ini in the same directory as your exe. The following settings can be set:

; The directories you want to search, default is the directory where the Dropout.exe is.
; You can also specify a semicolon-separated list, i.e C:\Users\admin\Documents\Pictures;C:\Users\admin\Documents\Videos etc...
; Relative paths can also be used, they are relative to Dropout.exe, i.e. Documents;Pictures or ..\Documents
Search Directory=C:\Users\admin\Documents\
; Where to store the lucene index, default is the SearchIndex directory where the Dropout.exe is
Search Index=C:\TMP\Index
; If you want the indexer to skip certain paths. The list must be semicolon-separated.
Paths To Skip=c:\$Recycle.Bin
; Search patterns separated by semicolons, the default is .
Search Patterns=*.doc;*.docx

; The maximum file size to index in megabytes, default is 20mb
Max Size=20
; The maximum zip file to index in megabytes, default is 5mb
Zip Max Size=5

; The maximum results to display, default is 200
Max Result=200

; If you would prefer the Windows Explorer Shell menu on right click set this to true, the default is false
Explorer Menu=True
; By default the indexes don't have full paths to ensure portability on USB's and in Dropboxes
; If you have multiple search paths each path will be searched to see if the file exists before opening
; To have full paths, i.e. C:\Users\Admin\Documents, set this to False
Portable Paths=False

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